Bringing kitty home

Bringing kitty home, the adjustment to the new home.

This can take sometime, be patient and helpful. Show the kitty the food and litter boxes, then place kitty in the quiet room and sit with them for a little while. At this time the kitty may hide, or begin exploring the new smells, allow them to wonder where they wish.

This is a good time to reinforce good behavior. If kitty starts to scratch the wrong things, show them the scratching area. Try some toys and play with kitty, but should they not want to play just speak softly and calmly stroke them. After a few minutes, leave the room and go about your normal routine, kitty may follow you or stay hidden.

Check every hour or so to talk softly or calmly call to kitty, reassure kitty you are still there. Before going to bed, gently take kitty around the house(if they haven’t explored) letting it see its new home. If you’re watching TV, hold it gently on your lap, stroking and petting them until they slowly begin exploring. Patience is very important.

Remember kitty needs to know its home and the routine of the people in it. Allowing kitty to explore on its own, will give it confidence and will not be overly stressful. Some kitties adjust quickly and others may take a week, everyone is different and they all have their own personalities. Once you learn about your new kitty’s quirks, the easier for both of you.┬áSpend time with the cat, watching and playing together, but most important is to be kind and loving.

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