Getting ready for kitty

Kitty: The Choice is Yours

Having a cat brings increased responsibility, and you need to be aware of the expenses and the commitment of owning a cat. New kitties need to adjust to surroundings, and that requires you to be patient with them. Once you have decided that you really do want a new cat or kitten, you have to choose the kind of cat you want.

What Breed do you want? Is it a pure breed? these questions are only the start of a decision, how about a long hair, perhaps a short hair, the possibilities are endless. Do you have a vet in mind, in case you need them? Check the local Humane Society or Rescue Groups, perhaps talk to the vet in mind, get a feel for what having a cat or kitten will do for you.

Kitty: Preparing your Home

To ensure that your kitty’s needs are met it is recommended that you get a few supplies before bringing the kitty home.

  1. Food and Water dishes/bowls, a spare set may be handy for cleaning
  2. Litter box <two>, positioned in different locations in your home to reduce the chance of an accident
  3. Food and Cat Litter, A cat must eat, and the litter allows a cat to cover up its mess
  4. A carrier, to ensure the safety of the cat while transporting it
  5. A collar, recommended if the cat gets out of the house
  6. Toys and Scratching posts, providing entertainment and reducing damage to home.
  7. Lastly a quiet room away from busy or noisy areas, allowing the kitty to feel safe and get use to the new home.

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