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FBG Journal Day 23

Day Twenty- Three – Still have fleas in traps, Vacuum all carpets again. Citrus boil spray the furniture and beds, flea comb the cats…may have to bath them again. I am sleeping better, not so many bites. Cats still pretty itchy and see a few on their faces…my poor babies.

FBG Journal Day 22

Day Twenty- Two – Still finding fleas in the traps, both night and day traps. Cats getting flea combed and Garlic Tabs. Vacuuming everywhere  everyday…still at it.

FBG Journal Day 21

Day Twenty -one – Wow!!  Checked flea trap, had 15 fleas in it.  Got to vacuum again, flea comb the cats and give them Garlic Tabs. Also adding daytime traps, dish with water, dish soap and vinegar in every room.

FBG Journal Day 20

Day Twenty – Waited 24 hours for Siphotrol Plus II* to work, now to move all furniture and vacuum  again …. Also started using an inexpensive flea trap, place a desk lamp on the floor, over a shallow dish of water <with or without dish soap>. Leave the light on all night, the heat from the lamp attracts fleas, when …Read more »

FBG Journal Day 19

Day Nineteen – Okay, time to mass evict these blood suckers, Vet suggests Siphotrol Plus II* available from my Vet and Capstar* for fleas on the cats. All pets must be removed till spray dries, my Vet gave me a paper with the can of spray that explains the process and what you have to do. Move all furniture and …Read more »

FBG Journal Day 18

Day Eighteen – Repeat, Repeat  and Repeat…… Vet says to Vacuum,  Vacuum  and Vacuum some more….so…….Again Vacuum, Citrus boil spray furniture and beds, Re-Salt <Iodized> carpets. Garlic tabs to cats and flea comb them to remove as many as possible. When will the first freeze happen? Soon I hope.

FBG Journal Day 17

Day Seventeen – Today we Vacuum all furniture and carpets, flea comb the cats and Citrus boil spray the beds and furniture again. Cats still scratching, I am still getting eaten alive at night, so not sleeping well. Got to keep at it….

FBG Journal Day 16

Day Sixteen – Today is Bath day…….two very scratchy kitties are going to get bathed. Apple scented Dish detergent to suffocate fleas, wait five minutes then rinse. Careful around eyes and noses, they are not going to be happy…until they find out it feels better for a little while. Flea comb them to remove any other fleas, give them Garlic …Read more »

FBG Journal Day 15

Day Fifteen- Yet, another day of furniture moving and vacuuming. Gave cats Garlic tabs again, flea comb them twice a day and they are still scratching and miserable. Vet suggests Frontline, but it is expensive and chemical, going to think on it though. I am running out of patience, but I think it is more about lack of sleep, chasing …Read more »

FBG Journal Day 14

Day Fourteen – Another day of Vacuuming and Citrus Boil Spraying all beds and furniture. I re- treated my youngest kitty DeVawn with Sergeant’s Silver Liquid and flea combed him and Scrappy. Got over twenty fleas from them both.


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