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Removing Cat Urine Smell

My absolute answer to this question, is Nature’s Miracle. It is available at most Pet Stores and Online also. The fastest, and simple method, but not cheap. I use it once a month on carpet, linoleum floors, furniture <hairballs> it cleans it all. I have used it in a steam cleaner without any harm to machine.

The All Natural Cat

Holistic Cat care guide and other natural products. Complete Guide to Holistic Cat – $24.99 Celeste Yarnall’s time-tested natural and holistic expertise gives cat owners insight into natural alternatives in food, medication, alternative therapies, and healing practices.

All Natural Cat Products

All natural ear cleaner for pets. Only Natural Pet Ear Care with Tea Tree Oil – $9.99 Retail Price: $19.99 You Save: $10.00

All Natural Hairball Remedies

The natural hairball help for all cat lovers. Only Natural Pet Hairball Chewables 45 Soft Chews – $6.39 Retail Price: $16.39 You Save: $10.00

Natural Flea Control

The purrfect all natural product to control fleas, including eggs and larvae in your home. Fleago Natural Flea Control – $23.99 Retail Price: $33.99 You Save: $10.00

Caring for Aging Cat

A handy guide for any cat lover with Senior cats. Caring for Your Aging Cat Book – $5.99 Since cats have a natural talent for looking better than they feel, it may surprise owners to learn that felines are considered “senior” at 7 and “geriatric” at 14. This invaluable guide explains such things as how to help an older cat …Read more »

Books about Cats

Additional books and guides for Cat lovers. The Ultimate Guide to Cats Book – $3.99 Retail Price: $13.99 You Save: $10.00 A Pocket Guide to Cats Book – $4.99 Retail Price: $14.99 You Save: $10.00 The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds Book – $11.99 Retail Price: $21.99 You Save: $10.00 A Cat Book – $6.99 A delightful treasury of stories, …Read more »

Cat Health Guide

I found this when I was searching for answers about one of my cats, I think its wonderfully informative.  Any cat lover should have this on hand for a quick reference guide for their kitty. “The Cat Health Guide” covers the most common cat illnesses and give you : causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention Information Easy To Read EBook, With Colorful Illustrative Pictures …Read more »

Behavior Guides

Stop Cat Peeing Not so nice Cat behavior. Guides and tips to help all cat lovers. Is your cat peeing on your bed? On your carpet? On your clothes? This system works whether your cat has just started peeing where he shouldn’t or even if he’s been doing it for years. Thinking Outside Box –  4 Day Action Plan Check it …Read more »

Cat Behavior Solutions

NO HYPE, JUST AN HONEST HELPING HAND 3 Reasons Why I Believe My Book Can Help You #1.  I wrote it based on published research and my own experiences as a veterinarian. #2.  It Covers How To Solve Every Cat Behavior Imaginable #3.  Every Book Comes With a Free Consultation If You Need It Solutions to Behavior Problems Click Here!


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