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Introducing New Cat/Kitten to Dog

First of all, cats and dogs are NOT natural enemies. They can form exceptionally strong bonds, especially when raised together from young age. When adopting a cat, ask if it has experience with dogs, and as long as the dog has good experiences with cats it will be easy. Dogs generally will accept the new cat, as long as it …Read more »

Introducing New Cat/Kitten to Resident Cat

The resident cat will expect respect from the new arrival. This usually starts with ears laid back, posturing, hair raised and possibly hissing or spitting. Then it may include sudden attacks by one cat and flight and defense by the other. Sometimes screeching and growling also occurs. This “fight” is to show which cat is dominate or territorial owner, normal …Read more »

Bringing kitty home

Bringing kitty home, the adjustment to the new home. This can take sometime, be patient and helpful. Show the kitty the food and litter boxes, then place kitty in the quiet room and sit with them for a little while. At this time the kitty may hide, or begin exploring the new smells, allow them to wonder where they wish. …Read more »

Getting ready for kitty

Kitty: The Choice is Yours Having a cat brings increased responsibility, and you need to be aware of the expenses and the commitment of owning a cat. New kitties need to adjust to surroundings, and that requires you to be patient with them. Once you have decided that you really do want a new cat or kitten, you have to …Read more »


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