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How to tell when a “stray” or feral cat is being cared for, within a Feral Colony.

     When you see a cat who is wondering around, check its ears, if one is “tipped” or looks to have been cut off, means that: 1. I have been “Fixed” <Spayed or Neutered> 2. I have been vaccinated. 3. I am being fed. 4. I have already been trapped. 5. I am a part of a feral colony. …Read more »

Do you have ………..

room in your heart and home??? Foster families are always needed.. We have been fostering for many years, watching babies grow up is so amazing, my children have learned so much from the experience. Volunteering at a shelter helps animals to become loving pets. So much help is needed, from cleaning kennels and cages to walking and socializing them, transport …Read more »

Unwanted Litters

Should you already have an unwanted family… Try to Live trap the mother, then collect the a shelter near you. Vet facilities may have a name of a shelter or organization that can help also check the Internet and Phone book. The earlier you contact the shelters or organizations the better chance they will have room to take them …Read more »

Chicken Wire- Ain’t just for chickens!!!

Kitten season has arrived, for those that may not know…. To prevent unwanted litters from being born under your porch- use chicken wire around the bottom <and behind openings in steps> of decking. Cover basement window wells. Close Garage and Shed doors. Check your landscaping, bushes are great cover for cats to give birth. Cover trash cans and secure lids …Read more »


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