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My Pretty boy D’Burs

Scrappy Age 4 Relaxing

He didn’t want me on the laptop, so he is sleeping on it.

It’s my pillow, now leave me sleep.

  Gizymo where he feels safest, with my son in the bedroom.

I will comfort you, it will be alright.

  D ber Doo <buff tiger>, giving comfort to stray <Copper> picked up from apartment dumpster with one sibling<Tabby>. Both found new homes after some socialization with people and other cats. I kept feeding the other three surviving siblings, but was never able to touch them, they were picked up from the apartments in Live Traps and hopefully found homes.

Rescued from being mistreated…..

  We got Scrappy from some very mis- informed children who were trying to tear him apart. They were pulling his feet in all different directions and he was just 6 weeks old. He loves to talk and vocalize all the time, he is very sweet and loves to steal scraps out of the sink after our meals.

Who could resist this face?

  Gizymo was born to a stray mother cat I rescued, he was the only medium hair of the litter. We had another cat that had passed away after 16 years just before Gizymo was born. They look very much alike, different personalities but very similar also.

New Cat Climber

 Hey, This is new! Where has it been? Gotta investigate.

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